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Hassle-free file tagging.

Tagging your files and folders got a lot easier and faster. Simply drag and drop them to your menu bar and select the tags that you want to be added. Now, lean back and watch them appear.
But there is even more. Go, check it out!

Requires macOS 10.15 or later.

Like a personal tagging assistant.

Little Tagger waits quietly in the menu bar for you to assign it the next task. It feels like telling your assistant what to do, while walking away focusing on the important tasks. And like with all assistants, the app makes sure that the task gets done.

Little Tagger is available on the Mac App Store.
Get it now, and start spending less time tagging.

We mean really hassle-free.

Little Tagger let's you create separate tagging profiles. So, the next time you have that recurring tagging job, you simply select one of your pre-defined profiles and let the app do the rest.

Little Tagger - Profiles

Simply ingenious.

With an intuitive interface, it becomes incredibly easy to tag files. You only want to tag images? No problem. You want to remove a single tag? Let Little Tagger do the clean-up. The app comes with a simple set of options to choose from, so you can customize it to your tagging workflow. And once configured, you simply save it for later.

Little Tagger - Filters

Better late, than never.

After dropping your files and folders, the last used profile settings are applied automatically. But we know, that sometimes you want to temporarily make last minute changes. With options to manually execute or delay execution, Little Tagger gives you full control about when to start tagging.
You just have to make sure to choose one.

Little Tagger - Control Execution

Bigger is better.

Whether you have thousands of files or placed your files several levels deep in subfolders, Little Tagger is optimized to work with large file and folder structures. In fact, tagging a single file is not what you want to use it for. The bigger your folder, the more it will shine.

Little Tagger - Popover With Files

Even more.

Finder Tags

It's based on the tags, that you already use in Finder.

Create Tags.

Create new tags easily from within the app, without having to go to Finder.

Global Shortcut.

Tired of dragging and dropping files? You can simply use ⇧⌘E to import your files.


Everything happens locally on your Mac and it comes free of any analytics or trackers.

Dark Mode.

It's 2021. Why do we even list this as a feature? The app fully supports dark mode.

macOS Big Sur.

Fully compatible with macOS Big Sur and Catalina.

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Support Indie Developers

LITTLE TAGGER is developed by Dennis Schäfer, an indie developer from Germany and founder of innovation design consultancy Fox+Rabbit Innovation Design.

The app originated from a little helper utility, which he created, while developing Taggy Tagger, a powerful tag manager for macOS.

Dennis occasionally publishes articles about his work and interests in his publication Creating the Unimagined on Medium.